Holiday Treats and Japanese or Hokkaido Milk Bread


Holy cow!  A new obsession!

But first, about those holiday treats and what a morning I had!


The little jars contain yellow cake with ganache topping from Melissa D’ Arabian. The jars still have to be decorated.

Christmas is this week, which means that our annual New Year’s Day Open House is coming up, and I have to start my preparations.  First up, salted peanut brittle. This was the easiest brittle I ever made, and it’s made in the microwave.  Seriously.  It’s from King Arthur Flour.


Salted peanut brittle.

An attempt at a second round went south:  I let it go just 30 seconds too long, and it was bitter. Into the garbage with it. Phooey.

I tried another batch, this time with almonds, sugar and cinnamon.  This one came out nicely. The recipe says you can use any kind of nut, and that seems to be correct.  I will be trying it with a variety of other nuts, and I will keep you posted.


Almond brittle with sugar and cinnamon.

And for my next number, I tried a dark chocolate and ginger bark, also from King Arthur. What a flop. Five cups of chocolate seized and I had to throw it all out.  I could not figure out how that happened. Redemption later in the day? Whew. Yes.


Dark chocolate and ginger bark.

But enough of the sweets .  Let’s move on to my new obsession:  Japanese Milk Bread. Have you seen this?  It is a high, soft and fluffy loaf.


If Challah and Brioche got married and had a child, it would be Hokkaido.  It is also fun to make and quite easy. Always a plus!  The bakers in my FB Artisan Bread Group kept referring to Christine’s recipe, but there are recipes all over the internet, and I think I used the one from Food52.  I followed the directions exactly, except that I did not knead it by hand.  It worked perfectly.  Mr. Darcy swooned.  

Would I leave you without a crumb shot?


This is not a bread with a structure sturdy enough for Mr. Darcy’s sandwiches, but he will definitely be eating it for breakfast and for his midnight snack.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I do believe that this bread calls for real butter.  Who said that?

And my happy thought for the week:  It’s possible that bread is not bloating or bad for you, and, in fact, not eating bread may cause harm.  Check it out.  I like it.

One thought on “Holiday Treats and Japanese or Hokkaido Milk Bread

  1. Kelly Mo

    Dear DnD, I love to catch up with your blog at the public library where the screen is larger and the pix more accessible than on my home computer. Lately, I’ve felt I’m under surveillance there. Is it because I drool over the photos? Clap my head to my forehead at your clever insights and creative mind? Laugh out loud at lines like, “If Brioche and Challah got married and had a child,” …or let out whoops of joy about the latest doings of the Darcys and Popeyes? …They can’t throw me out. I pay taxes to support this library. I’m gonna read on and rave…………….. xo kmt


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