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Saving My Sanity on Election Day and Beyond


Still life with English muffin and jewel-like Chunky Cranberry Jam with Ginger from Kevin West.

How are we supposed to survive  An American Tragedy and the death of Leonard Cohen, both in the same week? I spent Election Day and the three days that followed, shell-shocked for one and inconsolable for the other, holed up in my kitchen. I canned and I baked cookies. Bunkering and mourning. Obsessively.

Photographs of the results are below with little comment. The canned goods are from Kevin West’s Saving the Season, and the cookies are from Dorie’s Cookies.

For the pantry:


From Kevin West’s Saving the Season: Apple Butter, Savory Grapes, Pickled Curried Cauliflower, Cranberry Jelly, Chunky Cranberry Jam with Ginger


Savory Red Grapes


Savory Red Grapes. A closer look.


Pickled Curried Cauliflower

And for Mr. Darcy’s cookie jar:


Matcha Tea and White Chocolate Madeleines.

Dorie Greenspan’s matcha tea and white chocolate madeleines are simply amazing, and very simple to make in one bowl.




Matcha and white chocolate madeleines with a side of apple butter!

And speaking of madeleines, the honey and blue cheese in these madeleines are unexpectedly harmonious flavors that make an irresistible savory cookie.


Honey – Blue Cheese Madeleines.


Newest Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Pink Peppercorn (and white chocolate) Thumbprints — mixed in the food processor. Easy is good!


Anzac (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) Biscuits — with oatmeal and coconut, they last forever!


Meringue Snowballs:  Can you see the green tint from the matcha tea and the pistachios?

What more is there to say about the election? So many have said so much and so well. Now we know how fragile is our civilization. But just for today, let the divine humanity of the unflinchingly flesh and blood Leonard Cohen sing us out and be grateful that we had him in our lives when we did and for as long as we did.